Caledon Trailway

Home of the first Trans Canada Trail Pavilion (in Caledon East) the Trailway follows the path of an abandoned rail line.

At the pavilion in Caledon East you will also find a developing arboretum, extensive gardens, and Caledon’s Walk of Fame.

Name The Caledon Trailway
Description The landscape along the trail is very pleasant.  The land is generally rolling and the trail is bordered by farm fields, woodlots and a couple of beaver dams.  The trail crosses a deep valley of the Humber River west of Palgrave, the Credit River in Inglewood, and smaller creeks at other locations.
Activities Cycling, horseback riding, cross country skiing.  Partial wheel chair access.
Location The trail runs generally east/west and therefore crosses the north/south roads and highways between Terra Cotta and Palgrave.
Maps The Caledon Trailway
Parking Yes.  Room for 2-3 cars to park at every road crossing of the Trailway.
Trail Head Terra Cotta
Trail End Highway 9 just north of Palgrave.
Distance 36 km
Difficulty Easy
Surfaces Natural, gravel and boardwalk.
Amenities Portable washrooms, picnic areas, benches and signage.
Landmarks Farm fields, valleys, beaver dams.
Cost No cost.
Trail Web Site Walk and Roll Peel
Closest Town Caledon East and Palgrave.