Theresa Tran






It’s a good thing Theresa Tran loves to walk, because she also loves Headwaters’ increasingly celebrated food culture. From her post atop the Orangeville hill, she collaborates with a smorgasbord of local businesses to surprise her guests with the real tastes, raw beauty, and safe, friendly charms of an area she chose as a home, and sanctuary, for her family.


So people love our fall leaves.

Look what happened: The most popular month for weddings used to be June, but now it’s September to October with the change of colours. It’s like a postcard.


But Headwaters is non-stop year-round now…

From May to October, every weekend is weddings, during the winter it’s hockey, from about April to September, so many equestrian guests come up for all the horse shows, at Palgrave and the fair grounds. Then in winter, we’re packed because of the theatre packages, we include dinner and the theatre. And the most popular fall activity in Orangeville is the Credit Valley train ride, lots of people stay overnight for that. Last summer people also raved about the Island Lake Conservation Centre, it’s beautiful and people love it.


And they had no idea this rural world existed?

Even our corporate people who come here can’t believe we’re so close to Toronto, but it’s a totally different environment and people, night and day. People go to Blue Mountain or to Collingwood because they think it’s far from Toronto, but once they come here, we do a lot of repeat business.


You also said they can’ believe we’re so food focused.

People come back all excited about Broadway Street: the restaurants, bakeries, Wicked Shortbread, Mochaberry. There’s even a nice lady called Auntie Joy in Orangeville, she specializes in food from the Philippines, so if I miss something I say, “Can you make me this…” And she makes it.


I would eat out in Orangeville every day if I could afford it!