Mark Grice






There may be no better ambassador for the Headwaters brand of unpretentious, genuine creativity and love of nature, expressed as “just what we do up here,” than Mark Grice. Whatever Mark you’re meeting — TV/radio host, painter/teacher, horseman, actor — it’s all about having fun, sharing experiences and getting people as hands-on and passionate as he is.


So you’ve taken over from that famous TV painter with the amazing afro?

Bob Ross! Well, I keep a little picture of Bob looking over my shoulder beside me, but he painted the same landscape over and over, whereas I paint horses, lansdcapes, Elvis, old cars. You never know what you’ll get with my show.


Painting, horses, acting, TV, are you a heart surgeon, too?

I like to say that I only do fun stuff, I’ve never had a real job. I just play.


And the way you do your art, in public, it uses acting.

That’s why I like painting in public, where people are going to see the process and talk to me and learn. I tell people how I’m doing it and hoping they can get involved.


In your classes, it must be fun to see people who say they can’t draw a stick…

Most people come in very skeptical, “Oh, I can’t do this..” and next thing you know, “I can’t believe I did that!” I really simplify it, use simple terms, and show them how much fun they can have.


What drives the huge amount of creativity in Headwaters?

There’s a gentleness to the landscape that inspires.  But the whole community is very supportive of all the arts. There’s a lot of live music around here, and the theatre is thriving.


On Christmas Day you walked all around Island Lake by yourself.

There’s just so many paintings to do around that Lake. In just a few footsteps, you’re into a very rural environment.


It’s just feet from the road, but it’s totally raw.

Totally. There are beavers working on trees along the lake right now.