Kelly Clermont





You mentioned that when people come to Angelstone, they’re in awe.

Most people have never really been around agriculture. They can’t believe the scope of it, that it’s happening in their backyard. It’s the atmosphere. It’s a beautiful, peaceful property with horses everywhere.

We have a tent, a bar and seating areas, events going every day all day, background music — it’s exciting. We are all about vibe and feeling in our showgrounds. You see things you just don’t get to see. A world class facility.

And it’s busy…

We’ve had 700 or so horses go through the property in a week. From Wednesday morning until Sunday night, there’s four rings going. Our main event is the Grand Prix, it includes top riders from around the world. There’s also three year old kids competing, there’s Ian Millar showing in the top level. There’s events at all levels.

And it’s… free?

Yes, parking and admission are free. You can buy a couch or a table or a box, but you’re also welcome to sit on the grass, bring a lawn chair. On a nice summer night we’ll have over a thousand people.

I need to know about the Date Night Sofa.

That’s a really cool date. You get a bottle of champagne, have a great dinner, front row seating at a great horse show jumping event.

And from what I can tell, you’re pretty up close everywhere.

No matter where you are. If you want to pet a horse, all you have to do is ask — they’re walking all around you.

On a Saturday night we bring in the island, where we have seating arrangements right in the middle in the ring — so the horses are jumping right around you.

Okay, that’s not real.

Oh yes. You can’t get any closer.