John-Paul Adamo & Julie Adamo Cass





Headwaters is home to many family businesses. The Adamos are in the business of fantastic experiences that just happen to occur all over their Hockley Valley Resort. And this year, you can add sipping the results of their new, on-resort winery to those experiences. Siblings John-Paul Adamo and Julie Adamo-Cass uncorked their thoughts for us about authenticity, local support, and getting back to basics.


More people are trying to both give and get a more authentic experience.

Julie: For us, authenticity is about that human connection. We consider ourselves a boutique, so we’re about offering you a different level of intimacy in your interactions, whether it’s with farmers or winemakers. There’s more of a connection with the product because it’s on a smaller scale. The more you know about, say, our bread supplier, 100 Acre Bakery, who lives just up the road, your food is going to taste that much better because you’re more in touch with the product.


The difference is that it’s more viable now, especially here.

John-Paul: In five years I’ve seen Incredible change. There’s the support mechanisms now, people now say let’s support the local artisan jeweller or baker first. It’s defining itself as a region, a unique identity. Whether it’s the wine component where we can be a catalyst for change, or anything else, there’s a lot of really passionate people dedicating themselves to authentic products.


What’s behind it?

Julie: I almost feel like we’ve gone back in time. We’ve needed to simplify our life a little bit. Look at our winery. We’re not going to be a 30,000 case winery. We’d rather make less and make it really good.

John-Paul: I look at it from a culinary lens. We’re going back to the basics. Big stores and companies are great for buying paper towels, but I’m not buying my fish from you. I’m going to source local farms. Respect the farmer and what they’ve done.