Heidi Baufeldt





Heidi Baufeldt Mrs. Mitchell's Restaurant Granny Taught us How and Heidi's Room. Photo by: Pete Paterson


When you’re a little girl whose parents own a restaurant and you want to see them, you start helping them out in the restaurant and you never leave. Just one of the reflections Heidi shared about what this beloved destination in the middle of nowhere has meant to her – and to the many people who also call it home.


If you search “Violet Hill, Ontario” online, you pop up first.

Our little hamlet has 24 people. There’s our restaurant and shops, and some homes. And dad’s up here.


But people find you, they find all the good places. How?

We promote each other. It’s like that up here. I recommended another restaurant the other day to a couple and they wondered, do you have an ownership in it? They were shocked when I said no. When my mom passed away, Carol from Mono Cliffs Inn called and said okay, I’m sending you staff right now.


Local isn’t just the food, it’s each other.

We’re all very confident in what we do, so they really should try the other guys as well.


What do you want people to feel in the restaurant?

You’re coming home. It’s an escape from the chaos, it’s not a place where you need to put your cellphone or laptop on the table. You’re getting out of the city and you’re having family or friend time.


I imagine regulars really feel at home here.

A man held my hand last night and said, your mother would be so proud. They say, I love that you changed the curtains, or one lady told me she didn’t like a mirror I put up, she knew I wouldn’t be offended because they’ve been coming so long. They’ve known me since I was seven, working here. I just love it.