Greg Holmes






Music, community, volunteering. That’s Greg Holmes, a big part of Shelburne music festivals like the legendary FiddleFest and his own Pickin’ In The Park weekend: just music, trailers and fun. Greg plays guitar, five-string banjo, fiddle, piano, drums, you name it, with anyone, anytime. The same goes for helping in the community. They don’t make ‘em like Greg anymore.


It seems like you’re in every single band in Shelburne.

It’s fun getting everybody together. Just the old-time country music. Simple stuff. Easy to play, people can dance to it. Three chords and away you go.


Three chords and away you go.

This morning, we were playing a birthday party at 8:00, at a cafe we all go to every morning. I didn’t even get a free cup of coffee. Kind of a crappy deal, actually.


You were playing at 8:00 this morning?

There was a guy crying to a song I was playing, “I Like to Walk the Dirt Stones with My Dad.” He said, every time you play that song I think of your dad, and I said, well, I do too. Music, jamborees, they’re a big part of the community now, but whether they will be soon, I don’t know. But the younger guys are starting to come in now.
Oh  they are? That’s good.

Well, when I’m talking younger, I’m talking the 60-year-old guys instead of the 80-year-old guys.


(Two REALLY big laughs.)


You’re a huge volunteer, aren’t you?

I enjoy doing it. Just seeing people happy. I play often at nursing homes, it’s nice to see the old people tapping their toes and enjoying the music.


It’s hard to find volunteers these days.

I know, but not for my festival. I don’t know why. Maybe I’m easy to get along with. Maybe it’s my wife, she’s here beside me. She’s easy to get along with, too, sometimes. (laughs) She just kicked me. It’s not about money, it’s about helping the community.