Brett Bond







19 years ago, Brett found a summer job that he hasn’t left, just changed a few times. And when he’s not outside keeping Glen Haffy’s jewel of a fish pond stocked, or playing baseball, you’ll find him on his dock. In fact, he’s so proud of our outdoors and the parks he helps run, he’s even planning to get married in one. (We’re assuming she knows about this.)


You’re a fish farmer.

Yeah, I guess! I work at Glen Haffy conservation area, raising the fish, and at our park in Brampton, Heart Lake conversation area. We stock Glen Haffy with the fish that we raise, all rainbow trout, raise them right from the egg.


It’s like a private, secret fishing hole, right?

Yes, a fly fishing club. We have two private ponds, roughly an acre in size. It’s a members only club, well off the road.


A lot of people are conservationists up here, not officially, but…

I’d agree with that. You take a look at a lot of peoples’ gardens, their yards, a lot of people really do care up here.


Who are you seeing at the parks? Who comes?

That’s the thing. A lot of people, their father brought them and now they’re bringing their kids. Passing on the fishing, the place.


That’s special.

Yes, it is. And lot of companies now come up to Brampton for company picnics and activities. A company actually set up a high ropes course in Brampton.


Do you have a special place in the area you love to go?

There’s parts along the Bruce Trail, near the fishing ponds,  that that run right on top of the Escarpment, with incredible views of the whole area.


We’re calling Headwaters “where Ontario gets real.” Does that make sense to you?

For this area, I find that’s what it is. Your agriculture, your farmers, your local people who grew up in the area who want to see it develop, they’re your workers, they’re real people. People who’ve grown up doing what they do, everything they’ve been taught since they were young.

For other people, the quiet up here, it relaxes them, takes them out of the noisy, city places. There’s less distractions. They can relax and be who they want to be.


So how often do you fish?

Well… I’m around fish 8, 12 hours a day. So on the weekends, on my time off, it’s anything but fishing.


For fun, then?

I still play competitive baseball, out of Bolton. Sports are huge up here.


I played third base.

I like my teeth, so I don’t play that.

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