Andrew James




The idea for STREAMS began how?

I used to host a monthly talent show at a local church, and a lot of young people who came to that show went off to do some very cool things. I felt I might have a knack for bringing the best out of young people, and I had a vision for creating a place and a space for young people to create.

When we moved to Shelburne, I deliberately looked through the eyes of a young person seeking something to do — multimedia, graphic arts, dramatic arts — those outlets. And I quickly realized that there wasn’t.


What’s the STREAMS vision?

A creative arts hub, an incubator for young talent, a place to help youth develop or even birth creativity, for free or at a really nominal cost.

Creativity shouldn’t be only for people who can afford it, it should be for everybody.


You almost won the Aviva Community Fund.

We were super close. But through that, so many photographers, painters and creative people reached out, asking how they can get involved, give back. If this can manifest into what we see in our minds, if we can pool our minds and resources and energy, we can empower the next generation and they’ll be better leaders than maybe we were.


It’s not so much faith based, but faith in young people.


Speaking of faith: how did you convince seven friends to move to Shelburne?

Some say it was the right time, right place. My wife was raised in St. Lucia, she already had a small town desire and we felt that in a small town, people know each other better. We encouraged our friends to step out, become homeowners, find an opportunity to create your own thing. Which you can do in Shelburne.