Nurturing the artistic spirit



Like so many residents of the Hills of Headwaters who embrace the quieter, gentle lifestyle of the region, their journey often began as a weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. Anne Laurier and her husband Carl, great nephew of Sir Wilfred Laurier, moved to the area 22 years ago, first as weekenders and then setting up permanent residence when they discovered they “simply couldn’t live anywhere else”.

Part of the decision to stay was rooted in the region’s love and support of arts & culture. As a trustee of the Dufferin Arts Council scholarship program, a program created in 1998 that has raised over $75,000 for post secondary scholarships, Anne states “there is a wealth of talent that resides right here; no matter what form of the arts you enjoy, from painting to performance, the talent is right at your doorstep”. According to Laurier, “the arts are steeped in generosity; the artists are generous with their work and their supporters are generous with their money”. The Dufferin Arts Council scholarships have provided a lasting legacy and a testament to the importance of arts in the Hills of Headwaters.

Today the first recipient of a Dufferin Arts Council Scholarship, Karen Shields from Mansfield, performs as a flutist with the Victoria Symphony Orchestra, and continues to inspire others with her music that started here in the Hills.