A One Day “Play Retreat” to Nurture + Rejuvenate Your Spirit

Saturday October 13th, 2018, 9am – 6pm @ Whisper Lane Wellness in the Hills of Headwaters

The hills are alive with the spirit of Nature! The Hills of Headwaters are known for their natural beauty and as the source of several major rivers and streams … but it has other wonders to share too. Nestled in the rolling countryside is a sweet spot known as Whisper Lane and on Saturday, October 13 it will host the first ever Spirit Under the Trees, a one day retreat-style event that invites participants to experience our region in a completely different way.

Spiritual Medium + Reiki Master Melanie Cocciardi (www.whisperlane.ca), Artist + Shamanic Practitioner CJ Shelton ((dancingmoondesigns.ca) and Yoga Instructor Sarah Aucoin (Hatha Yoga Teacher/RMT/ASCM CHP) will be leading participants through a variety of “playshops” and other outdoor activities that will allow them to explore Nature’s deeper magic.

As host Melanie Cocciardi says: “A ‘playshop’ is an informal, or leisurely, workshop but without the work. It will be all play, all day! Our intention for this special one day retreat is about gathering together in community and being outdoors in the magical environment of a country property. It’s all about interacting with Nature and being with others of like-minded spirit.”

The one day retreat includes:

  • A Welcome Gathering by the Sacred Fire
  • Three separate nature inspired playshops:
    • Whispers by the Campfire – messages from the Spirit world with Mel Cocciardi
    • Divination with Nature – gathering natural objects to create a mandala with CJ Shelton
    • Yoga on the Grass – yoga outdoors with Sarah Aucoin (beginner yogis welcome!)
  • An individual and personalized gift bag for each participant filled with intuitive messages and other special items
  • Fully catered Paleo/Grain Free/Dairy Free/Gluten Free Meals, Snacks and Beverages provided by local friends at GATHEREDpaleo.ca
  • A Gratitude Gathering and Ceremony to complete the day

This spirit-filled day in Nature is open to all levels of experience and promises to be one of nourishment for the soul. For more information and Online Registration visit www.whisperlane.ca  or contact Mel at mel@whisperlane.ca

WHEN: Saturday October 13th 2018

WHERE:  East Garafraxa, Ontario (Dufferin County)
TIME:       9am-6pm
COST:      $290 (full payment in advance is required to reserve your seat)

Payment details and address of the event will be provided upon booking. A full refund will be provided should the event be cancelled

This is an outdoor event, rain and/or shine. ALL genders are welcome and ages 14+. Please note this event is NOT suitable for children.


About the Host and Facilitators:

Melanie Cocciardi is a Spiritual Medium who receives messages from departed loved ones as well as a skilled practitioner and teacher of Reiki, a “laying on of hands” technique that guides Universal life-force (chi) energy to help remove blockages and gently re-align and re-balance the body. To learn more about Mel visit www.whisperlane.ca

CJ Shelton practices traditional Algonquin healing methods known as “shamanism” and works directly with mineral, plant and animal energies to assist clients physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. CJ is also an accomplished artist whose visionary images are inspired by Nature and filled with the symbolism and beliefs of a variety of spiritual traditions. To learn more about CJ visit dancingmoondesigns.ca

Sarah Aucoin is a Hatha Yoga Teacher, Registered Massage Therapist + ACSM Certified Health Physiologist with brings 25+ years of experience in the health, fitness and wellness industry. She has a RMT practice as well as regular Yoga, Pilates + Fitness teaching positions at various wellness locations. Sarah is also Thai Massage Therapist + Reiki Practitioner.