Erin Chef takes home top prize in Chopped Canada


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February 22, 2016 – Erin, Ontario – Erin Ontario’s own Chef Pam Fanjoy from The Friendly Chef Adventures brings home the top $10,000 prize winning the February 20th episode of Chopped Canada.

“What an adventure that was!” said Chef Pam as she watched the episode live with family and friends. “Being able to share a totally crazy kitchen experience, unlike any I’ve ever had, with all my friends was awesome.”

Chef Pam received the top prize for her culinary ingenuity on the February 20th episode using her capon to make Buttered Capon in just 30 minutes! In each episode of the show, four chefs compete in creating the best appetizers, mains, and desserts using mystery ingredients with the added challenge of being limited in time. Each course sees one chef eliminated and the last chef standing takes home the grand prize.

“I was determined to present bold flavours and creative dishes even though there were several ingredients I’d never used before,” said Chef Pam reflecting back on the food challenge. “I like a good challenge and I believe in using all the ingredients you have on hand so there is no waste, so this was a neat way to express that.”

Chef Pam, who owns and operates The Friendly Chef Adventures Inc. on Main Street in Erin Village, says she enjoyed the opportunity to share her love of food and cooking with customers and friends through social media. “The support from our customers has been incredible!” says Chef Pam. “Every day I’d have someone new come in and tell me they are rooting for me, just one of the reasons we love our small community so much.”

Chef Pam is on a mission to keep her roots planted in Erin and has started a crowd funding campaign to raise the funds to buy a building. The $10,000 Chopped prize has been added to the campaign funds. All the details of the campaign and to donate can be found at