And Now for Something a Little Different!

Colours in Black and White

John Geeza

Caledon, ON – Headwaters Arts is pleased to present our newest show – ’Colours in Black and White’ by member John Geeza.

John grew up in a devastated landscape.  Deep coal mining bored tunnels under the earth, then strip mining continued its damage.  The oak hemlock forests were gone, in their place, mountains of sag in which nothing grew, and a population in which mine accidents and then black lung eroded health, resilience and hope.  Some how he found pockets of wildness that had escaped destruction – groves of hemlock and birch by rippling streams that nourished his body and soul.  It is through this that he has determined that his paintings are not to literally represent the subject, whether “landscape” or “figurative” but to produce an image that conveys the felt experience of that subject, an experience which carries emotional components.

Mark your calendars! Visit the Headwaters Arts Gallery located in the award-winning Alton Mill Arts Centre to see this exceptional show – ‘Colours in Black and White’. Show runs August 9 – September 10. You are invited to come to the Gallery to meet John on Saturday, August 12th between 1 – 4 pm for his opening reception.


Contact: Bridget Wilson – 519 943.1149