For immediate release: April 27, 2017

Join Us For “Grounded”!

An Artist’s Inspiration Comes from Many Sources: None Better than Nature


CALEDON, ON – Headwaters Arts Gallery presents Grounded, a two-person show featuring the paintings of Sonja Mortimer and the clay works of Ann Randeraad.

These local artists see nature as a springboard for artistic creation. Each interprets nature’s colours, textures and movement in her own distinct manner. It is not just nature that speaks to these artists, but its resilience. Both Sonja and Ann invite the viewer to pause and appreciate. Nature presents quiet beauty to all of us, if we only remain still long enough to see…even hear it.

Windswept feral grasses, flaunting their strength and flexibility in sage greens, steely blues and brassy tones, are reflected in each brushstroke that Sonja applies to a canvas. If one stops and takes a moment, one can even feel the breeze rustling through the leaves. Nature’s rawness tests these grasses and they rise to the challenge season after season.

In Ann’s works, contrasting textures and forms rise from earth itself, as clay is molded and directed into functional pieces. These forms develop almost magically from simple earth. Forms transition, gain strength and definition with each layer of growth. Wood firing is a major focus in Anne’s works: many of her clay forms will travel through fire and back, boasting their resilience as they emerge from the final firing.

Grounded runs from May 3rd to June 4th, 2017 in the Headwaters Arts Gallery located in the Alton Mill Arts Center. There will be a reception on May 6th, 2017 from 1 to 4 p.m.


Ann Randeraad | Clay Artist
Sonja Mortimer | Visual Artist


Contact: Bridget Wilson, 519-943-1149,