Headwaters ‘While you are Here’ Finds

The feeling of meeting, connecting with and getting to know the people who grow and make the things you eat, and buy, and come to cherish is what we really offer up here.



Fung Loy Kok Taoist Tai Chi Lantern | Photo by: Pete Paterson

The Lantern Festival marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year and represents one of the many cultural traditions celebrated at the Fung Loy Kok Taoist Tai Chi Centre in Mono.


1. Fung Loy Kok Taoist Tai Chi™ International Centre

What: Stroll the peaceful grounds of this Chinese-style Taoist Temple on the Niagara Escarpment, where FLKTTC participants enjoy programs that cultivate the body, mind and spirit.

Where: Mono




Cam Lavers Original Cottage Mills | Photo by: Pete Paterson

Cam Lavers of Erin has been making pepper mills since 2005 including the original Cottage Mill®—the most environmentally friendly mill on the planet.
Available at: Dragonfly Arts on Broadway in Orangeville.


2. Peppermills.ca

What: For 10 years Cam Lavers has scoured Headwaters forest floors, turning naturally fallen tree branches into the world’s most environmentally-friendly pepper mills, sought after by design enthusiasts worldwide.

Who: Cam Lavers

Where: Erin




VIllage Fare Foods Pet Treats | Photo by: Pete Paterson

Healthy and natural made with only nature’s products, 100% Canadian grown, prepared and packaged, Village Fare pet treats are sure to keep your treasured companion happy and coming back for more.


3. Village Fare Foods Inc.

What: The desire to create and serve healthier, simply better food applies to your best friend, too, in these all-natural dog treats handmade from just a few pure, local ingredients.

Who: Karen Dandy

Where: Mono




Wicked Toffee Bitz Traditional Shortbread Cookies | Photo by: Pete Paterson

Take home a ‘handmade in Headwaters’ taste sensation from Wicked Shortbread in Orangeville.


4. Wicked Shortbread

What: Passionate champion of our local foodie movement, Wicked’s handmade artisan shortbreads (and entire store) are decadent proof of just how talented our wonderful local suppliers are.

Who: Keirstyn Parfitt

Where: Orangeville




Salmon platter from Barley Vine Rail Co. in Orangeville | Photo by: Pete Paterson

Fresh and Local goodness courtesy of Barley Vine Rail Co. in Orangeville.


5. Barley Vine Rail Co.

What: Rollicking live music, local art, inspired events, and food so filling and original it’s been featured on the hit (and aptly-named) TV show, “You Gotta Eat Here.” Open nice and late, too.

Who: Ryan Latorre

Where: Orangeville