Headwaters Finds 2018

Caledon, Calmly Done.

Caledon’s distinctive communities boast fascinating finds, best found at a take-it-all-in pace.


Salt Cave Natural Relief Centre

Recline and relax in a Himalayan salt cave, loved by people with asthma, allergies, stress and more. Experts say 45 minutes is the equivalent of three days by the sea. And no seagulls.


Cheers Caledon

No city event can top this: a beer festival (cider and more, too) amid the same naturally stunning locale where we don’t just make the stuff, but grow the ingredients as well.

June 15, 2018 | cheerscaledon.ca


Fourth Annual Tour de Headwaters

Small wonder Olympic triathletes hail from here, as we’ve every kind of road, all draped in natural beauty, and all rideable in this fundraiser for the Headwaters Health Care Centre. Choice of rides from 25 to 100 km.

September 15, 2018 | hhcfoundation.com/events


Dilly and/or Dally in Dufferin.

Both are permitted, within reason. As for snooping out these and other local highlights, go nuts.


Dufferin Mac & Cheese Festival/Competition

The gooey greatness gets the royal treatment from this foodie region’s most daring cooks, food truckers and caterers, and your waistline is the battleground. Best of all, the Headwaters Health Care Centre (it’s a fundraiser) is the big winner.

June 24, 2018 | @dufferinmacandcheesefest


Christmas in the Park

“This brought us the Christmas spirit we needed — thank you!” Come and experience why people move to small towns: a vintage holiday festival all December long with 50,000 bulbs, even more smiles, and free parking and admission.

December 7 to 31, 2018 | orangevilleoptimists.ca


Koros Games

Unexpected in a small town like Orangeville: one of Canada’s best game stores. There’s Magic in the air, as well as Dungeons and Dragons and lots more, played right there.




Exquisitely Explorable Erin.

Or is it explorably exquisite? While we check, check out this treasure chest of shops and stops.


Houndhouse Resort

If you really love your dog, you want them to have an even better holiday than the one you’re taking. Twelve gorgeous acres of Headwaters country to chase rabbits in, first-class all the way.



Maddie Hatter Tea Shop and Café

A Headwaters must: authentic high tea on quaint, Victorian Main Street, Erin. The ravings are well-deserved (“That’s one big scone!”), the menu and servings generous, the decor delightfully dizzy.



Erin Farmers’ Market

In a small town park setting, discover little-known local products (water buffalo, bee products, ciders and wines and of course, fresh produce, beef and more), raised and grown in environmentally-conscious ways.




Mosey Through Mono.

While moseying laws vary by season, you can amble across Mono’s many delights anytime.


Hockley Valley Provincial Nature Preserve

Die-hard hikers and birders swear by this 378-hectare mix of moraines and views, hardy hikes, and a sanctuarylike bird crowd: chickadees, cardinals, blue jays, mourning doves and more, close as your outstretched arm.



Beth Grant Glass at Al Pace’s Farmhouse Pottery Gallery and Café

The Farmhouse’s pottery (and equally famous pie) is well-known, and Beth’s jewellery is a bright spot there. This Northern Canada canoe guide brings the simple, tranquil spell of that region to her work.



Ecology Retreat Centre

If something needs to be pondered mutely, hashed out communally or celebrated joyously, do it amid 200 acres of rural forest beauty. Housing, feeding and inspiring groups of up to 70 people year-round.




The Shelburne Stroll.

It’s what one does when one is discovering Shelburne’s simple surprises at one’s own leisure.


Pickin’ In The Park

It’s just like Woodstock, except with trailers and lawnchairs and pork pulls and days of old-time country music. And anyone can get up and play. And you dance on grass, not mud. Okay, it’s way better than Woodstock.



Petersons Antiques & Consignment Gallery

If you go into a church hoping to look deep and long, and discover something meaningful and rare, you’re in luck. And it’s probably easier to say what’s not in this former house of worship than what’s in. A towering experience.



Healthy Cravings Holistic Kitchen

If it appears that everyone in Shelburne seems to be vibrating at a higher rate than most, it’s because of this oasis of highvibration, clean food. The rave reviews are well-earned. Pick: Buddha Bowls.