Discover the glory of winter at Mono Nordic Ski Club


Ross and Sharon Martin

When Ross Martin, a high school physical education teacher, and his wife Sharon moved to the area in 1985, one of the first things they did was get involved with a group of local residents who had started a cross country ski club on the property of Don Ellis, on what is now known as Monora Park (named after the two municipalities of Mono and Orangeville). Today the Mono Nordic Ski Club continues thrive. According to Martin, “winter sports, such as cross country skiing, provide exercise, build endurance and bring you close to nature in a quiet and respectful way”. And it’s how Martin inspired his students for over 35 years, using cross country skiing as a way to “develop a sense of self worth that was very important in inspiring students to discover who they could be”.

The Mono Nordic Ski Club nurtures that spirit of balance between human activity and natural serenity. When Ross and the others at the Club opened the scenic trails for family day this past year, over 500 people showed up to join in the experience. It’s a testament to the power of passion and nature – making winter in Headwaters something to be experience first-hand.

So bring your skis and discover what Ross and Sharon discovered over 35 years ago.