Headwaters Parade of Horses

Presenting the Headwaters Parade of Horses, a whimsical and unique series of outdoor horse sculptures featuring 28 fiberglass horses transformed through the creativity of talented artisans.

Each horse statue is approximately 6 feet tall (or 15 hands), 8 feet long, and weighs approximately 150 pounds. Throughout the month of May 2015, the statues were resident guests at the Caledon Pan Am Equestrian Park, visited regularly by their artists who painstakingly and lovingly brought them to life. By the end of the process, the horses all had names and definite personalities that reflected the vision and inspiration of their artists. The public were invited to purchase one of the horses in the parade, and the 26 patrons who are now “horse owners“ stepped up to generously support this undertaking, and help bring the vision to life.

Headwaters Parade of Horses are on display at various locations in Caledon, Dufferin County, Erin, and King Township, and visitors and residents will have an opportunity to follow the “trail”, take their photos with the horses, and learn the story about the inspiration for each of these magnificent works of art.


Now meet the stars of the parade:



15 unique artists were inspired to lay hands embodying the spirit of individuality. The Alton Mill artists include:
  • Wendy McLeod
  • Bridget Wilson
  • Robert Chisholm
  • Lynda Clare Grand
  • Janet Simmons Sweet
  • Anne Marie Warburton
  • Ann Randeraad
  • Randy McLeod
  • C.J. Shelton
  • Margi Taylor-Self
  • Bonnie Eckelson
  • Lynden Cowan
  • Charlene Nickels
  • Andrea Bird
  • Daniel Beirne



Location: Private farm in King Township
Purchaser: Hidden Creek Farm




by Wendy McLeod


Banburys Cross is inspired by Wendy’s PIXEL series (an exaggerated screenshot of how we receive information and our obsession with technology) and her EYE series (representing many things: “All seeing”, Eye of the beholder, Eagle eye…). The message component is a classic nursery rhyme called “Ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross”.


Caledon East Community Complex, 6315 Old Church Road, Caledon East
Generously donated by: Dutch Masters Construction
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by Silver Creek Arts


Bernard is a quarterhorse who grew up on a Caledon farm. At the age of three he ran away to join the circus and had a long, successful career as Harlequin the Trickster. Bernard is gentle, playful and loves children. Bernard  was designed by Gail Prussky, with help from Diana Hillman, and was hand-painted by Diana Hillman, Gail Prussky, Susan Powell & Rosemary Molesworth.


Location: Best Western Plus Orangeville Inn & Suites
7 Buena Vista Drive, Orangeville
Purchaser: Best Western Orangeville Inn & Suites
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by Ann Randeraad


With “Celebrate!” as a theme, the horse is red & black. A rich bright red, the colour for strength, victory & pride is the base colour. Solid black grounds the horse representing power & elegance.



Location: Caledon Pan Am Equestrian Park
200 Pine Avenue, Palgrave
Generously Donated by: Dutch Masters Construction





by Britta Elmberg


Charlie is a golden flying horse wearing an earthly blanket. The blanket imbeds the message of the Dala Horse: using bright colours, whimsy and playfulness, work can be lightened; nothing is a burden in life unless we think it is. The blanket keeps him down to earth. The flowers in the basket are local wildflowers; meant to suggest Charlie’s burden is light.


Location: 14668 Hurontario Street, Caledon
Purchaser: Susan Grange





by Dorothee Cosack


Cricket is inspired by the beautiful horses on Cosack’s family ranch, western horsemanship, and the freedom of our country. The cliche of the western horse person riding into the sunset is wonderfully romantic and offers a sense of peace – the warm breeze fading as the blazing sun sinks below the horizon, the call of distant coyotes, the steady rise and fall of the horse’s breath.


Location: Private farm in Claremont.
Purchaser: Dutch Masters (Henry Farm)





by Marie Bartholomew


The horse is covered in beautiful flowers found in the gardens of the Headwaters. It includes hand rendered typography in the three official languages of the Pan Am 2015 games, English, French and Spanish. They say: Follow your dreams; For the love of horses; Hello and Welcome. The flowers and words present a unique and beautiful expression of joy and encouragement.


Location: Orangeville Home Hardware Building Centre
Hwy 10 & 4th Avenue, Orangeville
Purchaser: Orangeville Home Hardware Building Centre





by Local Colour Aurora (Eva Folks & Judy Sherman)


The horse is influenced by the Victorian era and the 21st Century, in the style of Steampunk (a subgenre of science fiction incorporating technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery). The artists have created the illusion of steel with welded joints, rivets and open-hinged doors showing the inner mechanical working of the horse.


Location: McMillan Park
109 Main Street, Erin
Purchaser: Town of Erin





by Mario Adamo


Grappa is a medium sized quarter horse who was born in a small barn overlooking the Hockley Valley. From a very young age, Grappa roamed the fields that are now home to Adamo Estate Winery. He now spends his time reflecting on his youth, and you’ll find him grazing amongst the wild flowers at the winery entrance. While Grappa is not broke to ride, he is a kind and gentle creature and loves visits. Grappa was hand-painted by Mr. Mario Adamo.


Location: Adamo Estate Winery
793366 3rd Line EHS, Mono L9W 2Z2
Purchaser: Adamo Family




by Kyryl Volovik & Kseniya Soldatenko


Hickstead was a collaboration of two professional fine art painters and OCAD University graduates. The artists used the horse as a metaphorical canvas to combine the symbolisms of the horse’s body with the Canadian landscape. Good land brings good horses and their intent was to give way to interpretation of the Canadian horse as a spiritual landscape of itself.


Location: Dufferin County Museum & Archives
936029 Airport Road, Mulmur
Generously donated by: Coldwell Banker Ronan Realty Brokerage




by Laura Savoy Boyle


This statue celebrates the 350th anniversary of the Canadian horse. It is a free flowing tribute to the Canadian horse, following the movement of the lines and natural hair patterns in a horse. Taking all of the disciplines our horse is known for, and some that many would not expect. It includes verses, historical information and tributes to the Canadian horse over its 350 years.


Location: Hickstead Park
Summit Ridge Drive, Schomberg
Generously Donated by: Private Donation




by David Arrigo


The statue was inspired by the Hockley Valley and created by David Arrigo for Hockley General Store. David is a world renowned artist, known for his artwork in sports, corporate industry and private commissions. His work is unique and bold, including helmets, vehicles, murals and his Live Mural Experience. He specializes in unique programs and custom activations for the corporate or private sector.


Location: Hockley General Store
994227 Mono Adjala Townline, Orangeville
Purchaser: Hockley General Store






by David Aspenlieder


Le Cheval was inspired by warm, vibrant colours and is enhanced with light-reflecting elements and bold intersecting lines. David is a visual artist and instructor. He graduated from Sheridan College in Animation and has held various positions as an Animator, Senior Graphic Artist, Art Director & Creative Director.


Location: Professional Farrier Supply
23 Coles Crescent, Orangeville
Purchaser: Professional Farrier Supply



Love-For-Humanity-Sharon-Sanzo-1000x1000LOVE FOR HUMANITY

by Sharon Sanzo


Love for Humanity is inspired by LOVE: Love of excellence, love of spirited competition, and love for all who strive to be their best without trampling on the rights of others. Adorned in the colours of love (purple, pink & red), he wears his tapestry of hearts, underlaid with the Canadian Maple Leaf, all unique, as a reflection of each individual’s specialness while still part of a greater whole.


Location: Brownsville Junction Plaza
17250 Hwy 27, Schomberg
Purchaser: Brownsville Junction Plaza



Lucky-Buck-Amanda-Melinz-1000x1000LUCKY BUCK

by Amanda Melinz


Lucky Buck’s name references buckskin. He was transformed live at the 2015 Can-Am All Breed Equine Expo by the Headwaters Horse Country Signature Artist, Amanda Melinz.

Visitors to the Can-Am event were asked to write the name of the horse that has been their biggest inspiration on the statue. Many people were emotional thinking about that one horse that meant so much to them.


Location: Rosemont General Store
508563 Hwy 89, Rosemont
Purchaser: Rosemont General Store




by Deborah Jolly


At first glance Missy is self-assured, bold and strong; thunderous perhaps. As she draws you in, she is more complex and intricate in nature and she divulges her horse-loving prose as tiny treasures offered to those who come near enough to know more. Visually, Missy’s rich colours are inspired by, and embody, those found in our equine beauties.


Location: Caledon Equestrian Park
200 Pine Avenue, Palgrave
Generously donated by:
Dutch Masters Construction




Razzle-Dazzle-Michaela-Macleod-Scott-Barker-Nicolas-Croft-1000x1000RAZZLE DAZZLE

by Michaela Macleod, Scott Barker & Nicolas Croft


Razzle Dazzle is a camouflaging technique that uses bold geometric shapes in contrasting colors that interrupt and intersect each other. Invented during WWI, it confused the enemy by making it difficult to estimate a target ship’s range, speed and heading. Highly skilled equestrians can calculate their horse’s range, speed, and heading, the same skills used by naval officers during the war.


Location: Nobleton Public Library
8 Sheardown Drive, Nobleton
Purchaser: King Parks, Recreation & Culture





by Sally R. Mappin and & Susan Powell


Rosie is named for “Run for the Roses”– the Kentucky Derby. It represents all of the Canadian champions who have raced and won not only the Derby but all of the major stakes races around the world. The artists found inspiration in Northern Dancer who was the first Canadian horse to win the Derby in 1964. He is the sire of sires and his bloodline will be in champions for decades to come.


Location: Century Church Theatre
72 Main Street, Hillsburgh
Generously Donated by: Jefferson Mappin




by Jacqueline England


Seahorse has a base that reflects the sand and the sea. He is playful with vibrant colours, smiling sea creatures and a majestic coral reef. This was a fun change for the artist, Jacqueline England, who was born in Nottingham, England and educated in the U.K. and Canada. She traditionally specializes in producing photorealistic paintings of horses and wildlife.


Location: Mono Plaza,
633419 Hwy 10, Mono
Purchaser: Mono Plaza




by Laura Tomona


Shikoba is a buckskin in native dress. The horse blanket includes native (Ojibwe) symbols and patterns as well as a collection of Caledon landscapes. Laura is a freelance artist, focusing on realism and working in acrylics. She also won the Emerging Equine Artist Award for the 2014 Headwaters Horse Country Signature art contest with her work, The Field.


Location: Osprey Valley Golf
8821 Main Street, Caledon
Purchaser: Osprey Valley Golf




by Ellen Cameron


The statue has many silhouettes portraying various riding disciplines (Dressage, Eventing, Show Jumping and Hunter Jumpers). It is signed by riders in each discipline, including Ian Millar, Chris Sorenson, Torchy Millar, John Rumble, Penny Roland, Alan Ehrlick, Craig Collins, Mac Cone, Coventry Lane Farms, Grande Farms, Blithe Hill Farms, Christilot Hanson-Boylen and Megan Lane.


Location: Winsong Farm
5220 15th Sideroad, King City
Purchaser: Winsong Farm




by Deborah Jolly


Sir Headwaters represents a gentle lord and pastoral keeper of Headwaters. He offers a courteous, watchful, and proud eye over all of the equine beauties of the Headwaters region and beyond.

Sir Headwaters has a base of Headwaters green with little daisies all over the body, invoking a feeling of a pasture or meadowland in summer. He has brown grasses rising up his legs and an overlay of the Headwaters region showing Caledon, Dufferin, King, & Erin. The trillium and fence are a nod to the Headwaters Horse Country logo.

His overall presence offers a sentiment of peace and calm and a classic, self-assured timeliness. Light. Airy. Sunshine-y. Like a smile you will never forget.


Location: Headwaters Tourism
246372 Hockley Road, Mono
Purchaser: Headwaters Equine Leadership Group





Some-Give-All-Emily-Oakes-1000x1000SOME GAVE ALL

by Emily Oakes


It is the centenary of WW1. One hundred years ago, Canada’s youth were dying in the trenches of France. ‘Some Gave All’ was inspired by the sacrifices that so many made. It features two silhouettes of battlefield scenes, poppies, barbed wire, the Vimy Ridge Memorial, and the Red Ensign (the flag the Canadians fought under in WW1).


Location: Mono Municipal Offices
347209 Mono Centre Road, Mono
Generously Donated by: Ross Millar, Jim Phillips, Terrance Millar, Jeffery Begg, Frank Tucker, Jorge Bernhard & Graeme Thom





The-Concqueror-Carolina-Remmig-Drenters-1000x1000THE CONQUEROR

by Carolina Remmig-Drenters


The horse represents a Native American Indian horse. In times of celebration they decorated their horses with dye made from flowers and trees. The hands were put on by each villager for a safe return and in spirit during times of battle. The hands are open to welcome people to our beautiful country for the 2015 Pan American Games.


Location: Trisan Centre
25 Dillane Drive, Schomberg
Generously donated by: Angelo Santorelli (Trisan Construction)




Titan-Of-Magnificence-Kings-College-School-1000x1000TITAN OF MAGNIFICENCE

by King’s College School


Lead artist Madison Mackenzie, Grade 12 student from King’s College School, found her inspiration for this horse from recent art projects dealing with the work of Pop Art and Mosaic decoration. The intersecting circles create fluid movement while the mirrored mosaic circles send out beams of refracted light. The colours depict those of the Pan Am Games official logo.


Location: Running Fox Equestrian Products
19815 Airport Road, Caledon
Purchaser: Running Fox Equestrian Products



Where-Dreams-Begin-Linda-Shantz-and-Renee-Fukumoto-1000x1000WHERE DREAMS BEGIN

by Linda Shantz and Renee Fukumoto


The statue has a montage of mares and foals to represent the future equine stars of Canada and beyond. Mares and foals are the inspiration for future champions in horse sport. Headwaters is home to many breeding farms that can hold their own in various disciplines on the world stage, and it is important to support these Canadian-bred horses.


Location: Rock Garden Farms
16930 Airport Road, Caledon East
Purchaser: Rock Garden Farms





by Sara Maston


At a distance, the horse appears to have a leopard pattern. In ancient times such spotted horses were thought to bring good luck and success. As you look closer, the spots reveal themselves to you as many eyes, referencing light, vigilance, moral conscience, and truth. The horse also has an eye in the middle of his forehead, suggesting perception beyond ordinary sight.


Location: Priestly Demolition
3200 Lloydytown-Aurora Road, King City
Purchaser: Priestly Demolition




by Amanda Brittin with King City Public School


Completed June 25, 2015 at the PanAm Torch Relay community celebration in King, the statue is in the style of a crazy quilt. It celebrates the history of our community and the personal stories of the school children, local events and the history of the area. The quilt imagery is a metaphor for our community and Canada as a whole. As the design comes together bit by bit, using rather ordinary methods, the whole has definitely become greater than the sum of its parts.


Location: King Heritage and Cultural Centre
2920 King rd., King CIty
Purchaser: King Parks, Recreation & Culture