The Wild Ponies of Chincoteague [EQUUS FILM FESTIVAL 2018]

The legend says that a Spanish Galleon carrying ponies crashed off the Atlantic coast. The ponies swam free of the sinking ship and reached the New World. Decedents of that lost band live today, wild and free, on the barrier island, Assateague, Virginia.

The local fire company owns the herd now. To keep the population in check foals are auctioned each year. Sabrina Dobbins made a winning bid and took a pony home. For Sabrina it was a pivotal moment. “This pony was my light in the darkness. I was in severe depression – I was self-harming. My pony pulled me up. I named her Blessing. A blessing indeed.

Saturday 6:30 pm

59:00 min
Kurt Kolaja
Tod Mesirow