Snowberry Botanicals

You can get the most beautiful, local, fall floral arrangement for under $30 in Headwaters. Here’s where and why you need to visit EVERY Friday in October.


Snowberry Botanicals, a hidden gem in small town Erin, Ontario and is one of the coolest, freshest, brightest shops in town.


Take a drive and set your destination to 88 Main St. Erin. You’ll be greeted by the most down-to-earth, extremely talented person in town, Krystal (proud owner and floral artist) and likely Basil (her adorable, and festive pug dog).


And if that’s not reason enough for a visit, every Friday during the Taste of the Harvest mason jar arrangements featuring locaI flora foraged from Headwaters as well as locally grown florals will be available for just $25. Start the car!