Alabaster Acres

18692 Hurontario Street
Caledon Village, ON  L7K 0Y1
(519) 927-1768


Alabaster Acres is pleased to present the following Taste of the Harvest offer:

Have you ever wondered how to get into homesteading, farming, handiwork or gardening? Are you the kind of person who always enjoys learning new skills?

We offer lots of great workshops to give you hands on experience and the confidence you need to get going. Join us for some insight and we will inspire you! Plus save 20% during Taste of the Harvest. Visit our website for details on all our workshops.

Learn more about owner Aimee Alabaster and her business in this interview.

At Alabaster Acres we value goodness. We believe in real food, raised right. We love fresh air, clean water, green fields and heritage breeds of animals. We live as organically as possible. Most of all though, we love sharing our knowledge with others so come and visit us, for a taste of farm life.