Rosemont General Store & Café

Celebrate a Taste of Maple and the beginning of spring in Rosemont at The Rosemont General Store! A stop on the highway, unlike any other! Drop in for a quick bite for breakfast or lunch, where all our dishes showcase local, fresh ingredients, or browse the goodies and gifts hand-picked for you.

In celebration of the maple harvest, our Country Kitchen will be preparing our popular pancake breakfast. Give us a call to make your reservation 705-435-6575.

Three pancakes with choice of bacon, ham or sausage served with home fries and Innisfil Creek maple syrup.

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Adults $14 | Kids $7

In our country store, we have Tapping For Sap, an illustrative children’s book by Carolyn J. Morris. Follow the story of Chick and duckling as they learn the process of tapping trees and making maple syrup.


Also in our store, we have a local favourite from Alliston, bottles of Breedon’s Maple Syrup.


From our in-house bakery try our Maple Walnut Coffee Cake.


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