Luther Marsh inspires local artist Linda McLaren


Artist Linda McLaren


Since she arrived in 1963 to teach high school in Dufferin County, Linda McLaren, who pens the ever-popular “Headwaters Sketchbook”, has been inspired by local conservation areas, but most particularly by the Luther Marsh. As President of the Upper Credit Field Naturalists, you will more often than not find her exploring the many conservation areas that dot this picturesque region of the province. While each have their own special appeal, Luther Marsh holds a special place in her heart. Twice a week you will find her at the Marsh counting the Great Egret, a variety of waterfowl that can’t be found inland anywhere else in the world. Today there are more than 200 Great Egret on site that “all roost together at night, making them easy to record. There is also a pair of nesting bald eagles, and this year visitors have had the opportunity to witness the very rare swallow tail fly catcher”, says McLaren. The marshes of Amaranth, Melanchthon and East Luther Townships provide natural habitat for an abundance of wildlife that surround the spectacular Luther Marsh, with Luther Lake, one of the region’s hidden secrets, well known to naturalists from across North America.

Linda operates a farm in Amaranth Township with her son, but when farm chores are done, you’ll find her exploring the beauty of nature in the Hills of Headwaters. According to Linda, “there are still places within the region that I have yet to visit and each place I happen-upon holds a place all its own”. And, she adds, “they are never crowded; the silence is beautiful and inspiring!”