Headwaters Artist Profile: Ken Hall


Wildlife artist Ken Hall
Photo: ©Simon Burn

Wildlife artist Ken Hall has a degree in mechanical engineering and another in fine arts. He worked in England for 15 years as an art director creating computer games but came back to pursue more meaningful, hands-on art.

He lives in the Pine River Valley, west of Terra Nova… a perfect spot for a wildlife artist, with plenty of countryside, not wilderness, but not entirely tamed.

Ken has cast concrete sculptures, carved limestone in three dimensions and in bas-relief – occasionally mixing other media, such as watercolour washes and even steel. He works in granite, stainless steel, and aluminum, sometimes building functional pieces, including custom furniture. “To have a viable art business, I have to be as flexible as possible,” he said.

At the 2014 Orangeville Arts and Culture Awards, Ken was named ‘Artist of the Year’. He was also awarded ‘Artisan of the Year’ in the Headwaters 2014 Taste of Tourism Awards.

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