Headwaters Artist Profile: Ann Randeraad

Anne Randeraad in her Headwaters Studio
Photo: ©Simon Burn


Ann Randeraad’s work in pottery involves a dialogue with the land of Dufferin County—sometimes quite physically. Having practised for 20 years the artist has experimented with the red clay on Hockley Valley Road. “Which is not very practical,” she admits, “but it’s very exciting. It’s indeed going back to the land.”

Growing up in the area brought Randeraad into contact with art. “I wanted to be be an illustrator, at first,” she says, “but got distracted by pottery.” She would watch a friend throw clay while she drew, and soon found herself drawn to the more physical process.

“Pottery is a passion, something I can’t live without.” Randeraad says. “It’s my voice for all the things around me—all the things you find in nature.”

Randeraad has recently taken the plunge and committed to pottery full-time, having moved three years ago into the Alton Mill Arts Centre. And it’s been important for her to remain in the Headwaters region, close to her source of inspiration.

“It sounds simple but really it is the beauty of the area,” she says. “One single elm on a roadside against a fantastic sky—you’d never see that in the city.”