More day. Less trip.

A rustic medley of honest tastes, epic fall vistas, 23,000 horses and even more hills. All less than an hour, and a world, away.

Welcome to Headwaters, where Ontario gets real. That’s something that a lot more people seem to be looking for, even for just a day.

Real is pure, clean food grown just a few yards from your plate, made with old respect and young passion. Towns that have kept their souls, untouched natural beauty, landscapes and people that don’t quit. And age-old country fun, like timeless country fairs, graceful tea-times and Christmas parades where the tractors light up and the people slow down.

It’s also real close. Plan a day or a weekend up here, and your precious time isn’t spent driving, but being. Headwaters is barely

45 minutes from Toronto and even closer to the GTA. A dozen or so songs in the car and you’re here. The raspberry pie’s ready and the green hills are calling.

Stroll these pages. Read about the nature that nurtures us all year long. Listen to the craftsmen and horsewomen, the art-makers and the cider-makers who have found their real in Headwaters. Then hit the road, and sooner than you ever thought possible, you’ll be rolling through here and on your way to finding your own.

Welcome to real.