Spring Gait Meadows

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Gaited horses are a world of their own!

Who would believe these horses can be so much fun? Well, my husband, Ted, and I can tell you, they are wonderful! We were introduced to them on our 20th wedding anniversary. Ted booked a surprise trail ride for me and we accidentally discovered Tennessee Walking Horses! Well we enjoyed them so much, that we quickly went out and bought a couple of Tennessee Walking Horses the next month! I have rode horses all my life but never enjoyed riding as much as I did, until the day I rode a Tennessee Walker! Now, don’t get me wrong, I love all horses. I love to watch trotting horses move but, if you’ve ever experienced a running walk, with that wonderfully smooth gait, it’s hard to go back to a trot! You are hooked!

Tennessee Walking Horses

Let me put it to you this way, in 1999, I stopped riding trotting horses! I’m especially happy I have Tennessee Walking Horses because in 2004 I tore the cartilage in both my knees. As a result, my “posting” days were over! With the damage to my knees I definitely couldn’t handle the work involved in posting the trot. Fortunately, with my gaited horses I was still able to ride.  So, if you are like me, and have a back, or knee problem, please, please look at riding a gaited horse (providing of course your doctor okays it!). And even if you don’t have a physical problem, you absolutely must try a gaited horse! With their smooth Cadillac ride and gentle yet sensible personalities these horses are quite the breed!! The Tennessee Walking Horse is becoming quite popular now with the younger and older generations. They are especially popular with the person who has always wanted a horse but couldn’t have one until later in life.  If you haven’t tried a Tennessee Walking Horse, please make a point of visiting us soon!