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winner-graphic-best-fun-and-festive-visitor-experience-spirit-tree-estate-ciderySpirit Tree Estate Cidery is located on 46 acres of rolling hills in the town of Caledon, just above the village of Cheltenham, on a ridge of the beautiful Niagara Escarpment, overlooking Toronto.  The clay soil is a natural habitat for wild apple trees and the perfect location for a cidery.


Products on the Grow from our Wood-Fired Oven


Bakery Breads

We bake in the old European style using natural starters and slow fermentation. All of our breads are hand crafted and hearth baked daily in our wood-fired oven. The result is a flavourful, artisan loaf. No artificial preservatives are ever used.

The fire is started directly in the oven the night before we bake and allowed to burn for 10-12 hours. The ash is swept out and the floor of the oven mopped. The loaves are baked directly on the hearth creating a superior crust and exceptional flavour. The heat retained in the thick masonry of the oven allows us to bake continuously throughout the day.


Our loaves include the following:

Normandy Apple Bread

A sourdough bread made with organic whole-wheat flour, sea salt, pure well water, Spirit Tree Cider, chopped apples and a touch of honey. This bread is great on its own or with cheese.

Rustic White

White, unbleached artisan bread flour, sea salt, pure well water and yeast preferment.

Country French

A sourdough loaf made with 25% Red Fife whole wheat flour, 75% white, unbleached artisan bread flour, sea salt & pure well water.

Pies & Other Baked Goods

Our homemade pastry is made with butter and non-hydrogenated shortening to create a flaky pastry with a rich, buttery flavour. Fillings include apple, bumbleberry, strawberry rhubarb, peach and pumpkin.

Our pies are available baked or frozen for you to bake at home.

We also offer a daily selection of scones, tarts and cookies.


From the Cider Mill  ~ Fresh Pressed Sweet Apple Cider

Our cider is made with only tree-picked apples and contains no dropped apples (apples that have fallen on the ground). The cider is treated with our Cidersure UV Processor prior to being bottled. This is an FDA approved process that is an equally safe alternative to heat pasteurization. UV treatment is a non-thermal process that meets FDA guidelines to obtain a 5-log reduction in pertinent pathogens. This is equivalent to being 99.999% safe. By not heating the cider, we can preserve all of the flavour, nutrients and quality of the cider while still creating a safe to drink product.

We offer our traditional blended cider along with several single varietal ciders such as Crabapple or Gala.

Hard Apple Cider – We offer 3 varieties of hard cider.  Hard cider is the alchoholic beverage produced by fermenting fresh apple juice.

Pub Style Cider – A lightly carbonated cider, great served on its own or over ice.  6% alc. vol, 500 ml bottle.

Estate Reserve Cider – Aged in oak barrels, this is a still cider.  Most people drink this as a wine alternative, similar to a Chardonnay.  8% alc. vol., 750 ml bottle.

Ice Cider – Similar to ice wine but made with apples.  Pairs wonderfully with cheeses and is an excellent after dinner drink.  12.5% alc. vol., 375 ml bottle


Available In Our Market

  • Ontario Fruits and Vegetables
  • Ontario Cheeses We are pleased to offer a selection of  Ontario artisan cheeses. Our selection includes Jensen cheddars,  Thornloe St. George & Asiago, Mariposa Chevre and Woolwich Triple  Cream Brie.
  • Ontario Maple Syrup & Honey We carry honey from Spirit  Tree Estate’s own hives in addition to Dutchman’s Gold honey &  maple syrup from Carlisle, Ontario.
  • Grassroots Organics Flours A line of organic, GMO free  flours produced on their farm in Desboro, Ontario. The grains are stone  milled to produce a superior quality artisan flour. The slow grinding  process preserves all of the nutrient content in the grains and makes  them easier to digest. This is the same flour that we use in our  Artisan Breads.
  • Apple Butter & Syrup from Wellesley Apple Products Delicious and natural with no added sweeteners or preservatives.
  • Fair Trade Organic Coffee Fresh roasted coffee from The Ultimate Bean in Georgetown, Ontario.
  • Selection of Jams, Jellies & Chutneys
  • Gourmet Fudge & Brittles
  • Seasonal Decorations


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