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2015-TOTA-Best-Arts-Culture-or-Heritage-Experience-Hills-of-Erin-Studio-Tour-01Opening our studios and exposing the work behind creative minds over two weekends.

September 16-17 and 23-24, 2017
10am – 5pm each day


  • 16  artists
  • 3 new artists, 3 returning from a few years ago
  • Artists with new and innovative compositions
  • Inspirational scenery

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The award-winning Hills of Erin Studio Tour (HOEST) is continuing its popular two-weekend format: Saturday & Sunday, September 16 – 17 and 23 – 24, 2017. Featured venues and studios are open 10am to 5pm each day. The 2017 event showcases artists at 9 locations in Erin, Hillsburgh and in the surrounding area.

This free, self-guided tour is able to be walked within the Villages of Erin and Hillsburgh. Tour regulars also enjoy the great drive in the inspiring countryside. It’s a great time to pick up great works of art without paying for the high costs that must be covered at third-party agents or galleries. Visitors also see where it’s made and can chat with the artists. In its 29th year, this well-aged studio tour keeps it fresh for visitors by including new, interesting guest artists and host locations.

The core intention of the tour remains – we represent a cooperative effort by local artists to promote art in our community.

For a preview of the variety of work on the Tour and a map of the locations, browse the website hillsoferinstudiotour.com, the HOEST Facebook page: Hills of Erin Studio Tour or the printed brochure, which includes artists’ websites if you want to see or know more.

Our full-colour brochure will be available at all studios during the tour as well as various local sponsors, shops, restaurants during the months leading up to the event.

Visitors will also find charming restaurants and cafés in town and along the drive; ATMs are marked on the Tour map (note that not all artists take debit or credit cards).



  1. 5890 4th Line, Hillsburgh (Turn of Fate Studio)
  2. 5852 5th Line, Hillsburgh
  3. 5812 6th Line, Hillsburgh (Everdale)
  4. 13 Hilltop Road
  5. 87 Trafalgar, Hillsburgh
  6. Snowberry Botanicals, 88 Main Street, Erin
  7. 25 Main Street, Erin
  8. Teak Barn – 8809 Bounty Road 124, Erin
  9. 5949 Wellington Road 26, RR#5 Belwood




1. 5890 4th Line, Hillsburgh (Turn of Fate Studio)

Jennifer McKinnon – Woodturner
jennifer@turnoffatestudio.ca || Turn of Fate Studio on Facebook

Encouraged by my father to participate in a 4 hour turning class led me to my personal turn of fate. Within the first two hours I was hooked on the process, the unique challenges and the satisfaction it offers.

Like an elaborate game of Hide & Seek, I search for clues to reveal the beauty within locally gathered wood. I cut, turn, carve & hone the wood using sight, sound & scent as my guide. I aim to cox out of hiding a piece that acts like art & performs a function. I hope you enjoy my pieces as much as I enjoyed creating them!


Monica Lawrence – Upcycled Fashions and Accessories

Monica is a creative designer who enjoys upcycling 100% wool sweaters into new fashions and accessories. She is inspired by the colour combinations and textures created in each and every design. Cut Wool Designs creates one of a kind infinity scarves, skirts, ponchos, trees and gift bags. Additional embellishments are added to build upon the unique handmade features of each piece. I want each customer to be happy with their purchase.


2. 5852 5th Line, Hillsburgh

Marlene Kawalez – Sculptor

My purpose in my work is to expose, express and create insight into the raw emotion that is there but not always conveyed. The usage of clay and kiln casted glass in my sculptures has created a layer of intimacy and expression. The clay being unrevealing and solid versus the glass, transparent and exposed. The union of the two creates another dimension of observation.  From the exterior to that which dwells within. Other mixed media is also used in my pieces such as drift wood, metal and rock.


Kathy Crain – Silk Artist – crainbk@sympatico.ca


3. 5812 6th Line, Hillsburgh (Everdale)

Helena Wehrstein – Mixed Media Textiles
Facebook | helena.wehrstein@sympatico.ca

Helena Wehrstein, based in Toronto and Hillsburgh, Ontario, is a mostly self-taught artist. In her twenties she started using her sewing skills to express herself by creating wall-hangings and art quilts. In 2000, a textiles course at OCAD exposed her to new possibilities. She began to use fabric in different ways, and then to incorporate discontinued designer sample fabric, old clothes, jewelry, buttons, daughter’s discarded toys, unwanted electronics cables, and other stuff that would usually be chucked out. Her environmental and social concerns now find expression in her art and she is often directly inspired by stuff in her junk collection.


4. 13 Hilltop Road, Hillsburgh

Rob Knox – Bronze Statues


5. 87 Trafalgar, Hillsburgh

Beth Campbell – Pottery

Beth Campbell is a ceramic craftsperson based out of Hillsburgh. The geology and history of Canada inspire her to provide pieces that are timeless, rugged, beautiful and functional. She chooses to work in stoneware because its high density provides each item with endurance and exceptional thermal qualities; it is more practical than precious. Her plates and bowls keep soups and stews warm or salads and crudités cool; they are practical pieces that add beauty and create a connection to others while serving our daily needs.



Heather Nagel – Fibre Artist

Heather Nagel is a fibre artist who has always drawn on her love of nature to develop her designs. Heather creates her pieces using the felting technique which is an ancient practice transforming loose fibre into dense fabric. Implementing techniques using fibres of different colours and textures opens up many creative avenues. Felting is very tactile by nature and requires the maker to get intimately involved.

“I love to work with my hands and translate my personal ideas into my art.”

From wall art to knitting bowls, Heather’s pieces are created to provoke curiosity and bring joy to the owner.


6. Snowberry Botanicals, 88 Main Street, Erin

Annette Hansen – Porcelain and Stoneware Ceramic Artist

Annette’s life-long adventure in clay has been a nomadic one since graduating from Kolding Design School in Denmark. After honing her skills in Canada, USA and Greece, she settled into her own studio in Toronto in 2003.

Characterized by a love of design, Annette’s functional work in porcelain and stoneware brings together divergent elements in calming earth tones and bold black and white, with the occasional intense accent colours.

It is the deep cobalt used in these glazes that inspired her studio name: COBALT GALLERY and Clay Studio. Here, Annette exercises another of her passions – teaching pottery to adults and kids.


7. 25 Main Street, Erin

Benitta Wilcox -Fibre Artist

Benitta is a long-time knitter of wearable art pieces. Her studio, at the south end of Erin’s Main Street, is a comfortable well-loved space overlooking the winding paths of her garden that serves as inspiration for many of her creations.

Unique free-range wall hangings, scarves, vests and ponchos are lovingly created with both local and international fibres in delicious combinations of colour and texture that cry out to be touched. Often you will find small embellishments created by fellow artists or gleaned from the garden.


Heidi von der Gathen – Jewelery

Powerful Beauty

Air & Earth Design reinterprets classic silhouettes using striking natural materials. Semi-precious gemstones and natural pearls embellished with gold and silver have all the glamour yet are very wearable.

The process that creates Air & Earth jewellery is one common to any artistic practice. Thought is given to rhythm, texture, space relation and repetition. Selection of material also drives the design. Each piece is built in the manner that best realizes the final design. Work may be strung on silk and hand knotted or combined with handcrafted wirework or simply strung. Handmade, precious metal clay (PMC) embellishments are being added to the line so that the artist’s hand becomes more present.


8. Teak Barn – 8809 Bounty Road 124, Erin

Karen Brown – Encaustic Painting
Facebook | Instagram

I am an encaustic mixed media artist whose work is motivated by my relationship with nature. Encaustics is an ancient beeswax based paint which is applied and heated to create rich layers of unique depth and luminosity. My process is studio intensive but starts outdoors with experience, photography and drawing providing the visual and emotive references that come back into the studio to be created. Encaustic painting is a deeply satisfying, solitary process. The organic nature of the beeswax based paint becomes a multilayered surface for both the visual and tactile senses. Substrates are recycled, repurposed found materials which create earth-friendly, karma-friendly, soul-friendly pieces of artwork.


Doris Billings – Painter

Doris has always enjoyed drawing; however it was not until autumn 2008 that she started to experiment with acrylic.  This medium is now her medium of choice. “In every moment, I am inspired by my surroundings, with people, nature and animals. All I ever wanted to do is express my emotion and passions through art, and as I enter the early autumn of my life my dream is coming true”.


Laura Newton – Acrylic Painting

Laura is a self-taught, abstract artist in constant search of an abundant, inspired life full of colourful experiences. Through her work, she is able to capture the true essence of her subject by surrendering completely to her painting process with full openness. This pure and raw emotion creates a strong connection that moves the viewer. Laura’s paintings are ever evolving; daily experiences, interactions and emotions lead the way for the path her work will take. Laura’s goal is simple; to continue painting and expressing herself in ways that will deeply move and inspire others.


Susan Lapp – Painter

Susan was surrounded by the arts since birth.  Graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts specializing in flute performance, it was not until 1999, when a new pianist/music partner asked her to come and paint in her studio, did Susan realize she was as passionate about art as she was for her music.   That day, she picked up a palette knife and has never put it down.  An avid back-country adventurer, having paddled many rivers and lakes throughout Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and BC, the myriad of feelings and imageries percolate through Susan, while creating intuitive wilderness landscape paintings.



9. 5949 Wellington Road 26, RR#5 Belwood

Rosalinde Baumgartner – Sculptor

My medium is sculptor, I use clay to capture a moment in time, to give meaning with line and gesture. Each piece takes me on a voyage of discovery, wet clay formed into mass and volume to embody the spirit.


We would like to thank the following sponsors for supporting the 2017 Hills of Erin Studio Tour:
  • Laura Beaton – artist
  • Dr. Jon Walcott
  • Snowberry Botanicals
  • Décor Solutions
  • Country Crops
  • Teak Barn
  • Hannah’s Closet
  • Remax – Liz Crighton
  • Cobalt Gallery – Annette Hansen
  • Erin Radio 91.7
  • Century Church Theatre
  • Town of Erin


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