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Headwaters Health Care Foundation is the fundraising arm of Headwaters Health Care Centre. Our commitment is to help provide the best care, secure and maintain the best partners, and to ensure the best health of our community.

Because the government does not provide funding for the purchase of new equipment, our dedicated staff of five and our Board of Directors work within the community to raise money to fill this gap. In order to provide the best care for our community, to attract the best health care professionals and create the best partnerships with ‘outside’ specialty centres, we are always working to invest in new and expanded technologies.

Funds are raised through a number of avenues including signature events (Annual Gala, Golf Classic, Tour de Headwaters), employee engagement events (Hockey Night for Headwaters & Hittin’ the Slopes for Headwaters) third party community events, direct mail campaigns, email campaigns, memorial and in honour programs, legacy & planned giving programs, and partnerships with corporate and individual donors.

The Foundation office is located on the main floor of Headwaters Health Care Centre at 100 Rolling Hills Drive and is open Monday – Friday from 8:30am – 4:30pm. Donors are encouraged to drop by, phone us, or welcome to make a secure on-line donation at hhcfoundation.com.



Scott-with-grandkids-squareWithout a doubt, I’m alive today in part because of angels: Angels at Headwaters… And angels who GAVE to Headwaters! It’s people like you — people who give without expecting anything in return — who one day may be on the receiving end of a gift you gave. Think about it… the gift you give to Headwaters today could save your life tomorrow… Or next week… Or maybe even next year!

Scott Deugo, More than just a grateful patient

Donna-SquareI will have to live with cancer for the rest of my life – or until a cure is found.  Today, Headwaters Health Care Centre’s Chemotherapy Suite is my second home. I spend a lot of time here and the experience is amazing – I mean, as good as it can be under the circumstances. Unfortunately, I know that Headwaters Health Care Centre is not going to cure my cancer. But what they are doing is providing me with a better quality of life and with time. Right now, my children have a mother. My mother has a daughter. All thanks to the cancer treatment I get from the doctors and nurses at Headwaters.   Take it from me. Time is a most precious commodity. Thank you for making a gift that will buy more of it for me, and everyone like me.   

Donna Montgomery, Oncology Patient

Dave-&-Sheila-Apple-squareIt’s scary to go through your life knowing that eventually due to the fate of genetics, you would depend on dialysis to keep you alive. But, once you arrive, get to know your nurses, doctors and fellow patients and start receiving the treatment you need, you quickly realize what a blessing Headwaters Health Care Centre truly is and why it is worthy of your support.  

David Apple, Dialysis Patient