Fiddlehead Care Farm

Holistic Healthcare

Fiddlehead Care Farm (FCF) is a therapeutic farm incorporated as a non-profit organization. FCF provides innovative counselling services, animal-assisted therapy, nature exploration, and learning opportunities for families and children, youth and young adults with targeted at improving our member’s physical, spiritual, psychosocial and mental health so they can reach their potential and become their best self.


Our mission is to give children, youth and young adults with developmental, physical, emotional and behavioural needs, along with their families, the opportunity to learn, experience and grow without boundaries through innovative, animal-assisted therapy and nature-based education, rehabilitation and recreation.


FCF’s goal is to harness the healing and calming properties of nature to improve quality of life and restore the body, mind and spirit.

What is “Care Farming”?

Care farms combine care of the land and animals with care of people, in a setting where they feel safe, respected and engaged in meaningful activity. The farmland, woodlands and gardens of FCF are used as a base for promoting mental and physical health for vulnerable groups of people by incorporating normal farming activities with therapy.

Fiddlehead Care Farm is the first of its kind in Canada which provides a full complement of nature based education, therapy and life skills programming all in one, fully accessible location.