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They were ancient weapons turned to modern games, and now we’re taking it to you!

Far Shot hosts archery, axe throwing, knife throwing, and archery dodgeball in Orangeville. We also take our games mobile and provide flexible event coordination to excite your crowd wherever they may be!

Promoting the games and sport is what we’re all about. Try it out with your friends; then hone your skills and compete with us as we seek to build a traveling team for axe throwing, knife throwing and archery dodgeball in the GTA and beyond!

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Far Shot is your one stop for archery, axe throwing, and archery dodgeball fun.

Far Shot hosts archery, knife / axe throwing, and archery dodgeball games at our Orangeville facility for both drop in and league plays. Safe, social, and Fun for the mature family. Ask us about hosting archery dodgeball events in your backyard or school.

Archery Dodgeball

One part archery, one part dodgeball, and all parts exhilarating, this inventive game combines body armor and safety-tested foam-tipped arrows for combat the likes of which never appeared in gym class.

Axe Throwing

Book a group event to try out axe throwing with your own personal coach, and when you’re hooked come out to our league night!


PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT — Archery, one of the world’s oldest form of combat, hunting and recreation is still going strong. Try it for yourself by taking the intro to archery class. For experienced archers, bring your own bow to our 40 yd indoor range.

Knife Throwing

Is it an Art? A Skill? Or just entertainment for the night? It’s all in the hands of the wielder!