Creature Quest Canada

Educational Services

Creature Quest Canada is a self-supporting, not-for-profit dedicated to connecting people to the natural world. More than 20,000 people take part in one of Creature Quest Canada’s interactive outreach or in-house programs every year including at environmental festivals/fairs, school workshops and private events.

Founded by former nature interpreters, Duane and Yolanta Bailey, on the principal that the living world and its inhabitants are important and that learning should be fun and interactive. Creature Quest Canada believes that the utilization of animal ambassadors in its educational programming and facilitating meaningful up-close experiences and personal contact between participants and animals is a powerful educational tool when done respectfully and with reason.

 Advantages of this method of teaching include:

  • lengthened learning periods,

  • increased knowledge acquisition and retention, enhanced environmental attitudes,

  • and the creation of positive perceptions concerning zoo animals

 Located in beautiful Erin Township, Ontario, the centre is currently open only during scheduled programming. Outreach workshops and presentations can be booked throughout the year.

 If you have a question, contact Creature Quest Canada: we’ll be happy to answer them.