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What started as one event in 1994 has burgeoned into a company that promotes Ontario mountain bike events, riding and trail development. Think B.C. is the epicenter of cycling in Canada? Guess again. With a large variety of accessible, moderately difficult trails, the rolling terrain of Southern Ontario is just the ticket for riders of all ability levels to enjoy the fun and exhilaration of winding through a row of pines or a flowing hardwood trail.

Chico Racing has concentrated on the Ontario market, and because of this we have been able to create a unique relationship with the sport in our area. The result? A legacy of many trail systems that support some of the biggest events in the world, a knowledge of all facets of the sport, and an inter-personal relationship with our riders that sets us apart from marketing companies that simply target Mountain Biking. Having grown up in a family who started mountain biking in its’ infancy (Papa Ruppel bought a high-end Ritchey bike in 1985), the staff at Chico Racing were riders first, and can still turn over a crank with the best of them (at different times of the year).