About Headwaters



This is where both arctic swans and hungry travellers stop on their way home. Where every creek, barn and chicken has a name. Where the evening brings out warm salamanders, cold craft beers and a billion stars. Where mayors bake pies, streams run under houses, and art lovers, hikers, cyclists and wanderers find heaven.

This is Headwaters, a 2,534-square-kilometre quilt of genuine Ontario country. Named for being the source of some of Ontario’s biggest rivers, Headwaters is where rugged nature and refined getaways coexist, as do locals, visitors, and even, some say, ghosts and fairies.

While it’s bursting with as much information as our pies are with fresh berries, this website is still just a taste of what’s waiting up here, just 45 minutes north of Toronto. Where the air’s clearer and crisper, because we’re at Ontario’s highest elevation, and the only thing bluer than our sky is our potatoes.

Headwaters is where Ontario gets natural, gets unplugged, gets real.

We invite you to do the same.