34 Mill Street
Orangeville, ON  L9W 2M3
(519) 307-5983


Soulyve is proud to feature the following cocktail menu for Taste of the Harvest:



Apple Pie | $8

2oz Jim Beam bourbon, Soulyve-infused with apple and cinnamon, honey and ginger ale.


Peach Pecan Old Fashioned | $8

2oz Alberta Premium whisky Soulyve-infused with fresh peaches and pecans, plus a splash of Angostura bitters.


Spiced Pear Vodka Spritzer | $8.50

2oz Absolut Vodka Soulyve-infused with fresh pear, fresh ginger, cloves and cinnamon with club soda.


Orange Brandy Pick-me-Up | $9

2oz Marquis de Villard brandy Soulyve-infused with oranges, vanilla bean, star anise and peppercorns with orange juice.


Holiday Rum | $7.50

2oz Appleton white rum Soulyve-infused with fresh cranberries, allspice, cloves, star anise and cinnamon with cranberry juice.