Little Creek Ranch

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Located in one of the most concentrated equestrian areas in the province of Ontario. This family owned and operated ranch offers an apiary, horses and a variety of agri-tourism experiences. We offer many services for the horse lover or owner including: horse pasture board and short stay box and bale; basic horsemanship lessons including riding instruction; kids summer day camp; customized birthday parties and real, hands on, family learning experiences with overnight accommodation and 3 meals. Our family invites you to share in the beauty of the landscape, enjoy the vast space, fresh air, big sky, our home, and the rich life of a small rural ranch all within a short drive of the big city. Read more about Little Creek Ranch here–>


Bed and Breakfast

Guests of the Bed and Breakfast can take part in whatever seasonal work needs to be done on the farm from planting or harvesting the garden, picking cherries, apples or pears, tending the bees, or harvesting honey. In the morning families can collect their breakfast from the chickens and take part in feeding the animals, after breakfast it’s time to clean the water troughs and learn about beekeeping, groom the horses and ride; at night it’s time to relax around the campfire under a sky one could only witness in the hills.

A number of accommodation options are available. All prices are listed per night, maximum of four people for rental of Master and two Standard Rooms.

Overnight Stays: Sunday – Thursday

Master Bedroom – $65
Standard Room – $45
Master and two Standard Rooms – $145
*Breakfast not available for mid week overnight stays.

Bed and Breakfast: Friday and Saturday

Master Bedroom – $85
Standard Room – $65
Master and two Standard Rooms – $200

Overnight Experience Stays: Saturday

All inclusive stay including Master Bedroom, two Standard Rooms, and private Living Room – $500
Experience includes:
Saturday: Dinner and Campfire
Sunday: Breakfast and time with horses and bees

Bed and Bale

Stay overnight at the bed and breakfast and bring your equine friend along for the ride.  Call for pricing and details.


Summer Day Camp for Children

I imagine the 30 plus kids that come for one of the two week-long day camps Elaine holds every summer running around like the little people of the Shire. Over the five days Elaine teaches horsemanship to 4 – 12 year-olds while her husband cooks and manages the arts and nature programs and other staff handle the drama/musical component of the camp.

Elaine’s been running this day camp for 7 years, with some kids coming back every year. She gets a lot out of passing on her love for horses to a younger generation, and they seem to have a ball. “Who has more fun than kids?” she says.

The summer camp does a great job of introducing kids to the ranching life, and it’s this experience that Elaine’s been giving to whole families

Located at a privately owned and operated family ranch, this week-long day camp ( open to ages 4 to 12) offers a unique combination. Children will be organised into smaller groups to move between three different stations:

  • Horsemanship
  • Music/Drama
  • Art & Nature


Children will learn:

  • Safety around horses
  • Understanding how horses think& behave
  • Good management practices
  • Basic horse anatomy, health &care
  • Basic horse handling & grooming
  • Tacking up & Riding


Using voice and instruments children will learn rhythm, percussion, tone and movement and will have an opportunity for creating and acting in a small production.


Each day there will be a different craft and lesson in nature with special forest visits and fort building.


Day Experiences

Beekeeping fun family learning experience:

Enjoy an afternoon at Little Creek Ranch with the Bees and have High Tea with the Ranch Family. Come experience the taste of honey, fresh from the hive and right out of the honey comb. Learn about the art of beekeeping and how to harvest this liquid gold.

The event will start with a trip to the hive and orientation about bees and their wonderful work. You’ll have an opportunity to harvest and sample the honey.  The afternoon runs from 1pm until 4pm and winds down with High Tea.  This experience would suit a family up to a maximum of 6. Call to make specific date arrangements between July and September.

COST: $150


Horse fun family learning experience:

Spend an afternoon with the horses then kick off your boots and enjoy a cool drink with the Ranch Family.  Come learn about horses. We’ll teach you the basics. You’ll learn how to be safe around them, groom them, tack them up and ride. Giddy Up!

The event will start with the horse experience from 1pm until 4pm and includes a special Ranch refreshment and snack. This experience would suit a family of 4, 2 adults and 2 children. Call to make specific date arrangements in the riding season, May to October.

COST: $250


Boarding and Horsemanship

Pasture board available all year round.  Call for details & pricing.

Horsemanship lessons available Saturday & Sunday mornings for children ages 4 and up.  Call for details and pricing.