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GRAND SPIRITS is the first purveyor of Gins & Whiskies from Headwaters in over a 100 years!

We invite you to partake in the creation of world class beverage alcohol using the old tricks of the bootleggers of the region. Our guests and customers all become a part of our secret society and learn secrets that haven’t been shared for a very long time. We’ve rediscovered them – and the results are delicious. We’ll personally show you how – hands on.

The stunning town of Grand Valley lies hidden like a treasure on the edge of the Headwaters Region, just minutes from Orangeville. Visit our beautiful little town for a truly authentic experience.  You’ll know you’re getting close when you see the giant windmills on the horizon. They look like welcoming Martini glasses…

Our ingredients are sourced locally from the area on the banks of the Grand River, but offer an international quality you’ll ~ honestly ~ never forget. You’ll see for yourself. And you’ll take the secrets home with you.

For a taste of what’s in-store, visit us online at and request membership access to our hidden pages.


“And coming this Spring – the Headwaters Region’s first distillery since Prohibition in Ontario! Watch us grow in one of the most beautiful heritage buildings anywhere, right in the heart of Grand Valley at the top of Main Street. The old two-story schoolhouse built in 1892!”